Smith Mountain Lake Venue

wedding venues at smith mountain lake

The Virginian is a wonderful Smith Mountain Lake venue that can be utilized for a variety of different events, and weddings, of course. We collaborate with the best vendors in the area including event designers, florists, caterers, musicians, bakers, rustic furniture rental companies and others to make your event one that is exceptionally memorable for you and all your guests.

Here are some events that we could host at our Smith Mountain Lake venue.

Vow Renewals

Vow renewal ceremonies are very much like weddings. We host more weddings than any other event, however we believe that vow renewals are just as important. Whether you are planning a huge gathering for your renewal ceremony, or would rather have a more intimate ceremony, The Virginian is the perfect locale to host your vow renewals at Smith Mountain Lake. We have the perfect ceremony lawn where we could host the ceremony, and The Stables at the Virginian would be the perfect setting for an after celebration with those that you love the most.

Anniversary Celebrations

Get ready to celebrate those years of togetherness. No matter if this anniversary is your 5-year anniversary, or your 50th, we want to celebrate your life as a couple. Many couples and their families opt to celebrate anniversaries together with one big event that honors their union through the years.

Birthday Parties

Our venue would be the most perfect location to host your western themed birthday party. Settled on several acres of pristine land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and featuring a gorgeous 9,000 sq. ft. stable area complete with well-appointed rooms, including a saloon, The Stables at the Virginian would be the ultimate place to host your event. We would love to talk about the ideas that you have and connect you with superior vendors that can carry out your vision.

Family Reunions

As a family owned and operated Smith Mountain Lake Venue, we are one of the best spots to host a family reunion. We have hosted several family events for large family gatherings. Our own family loves to venture and explore all that The Virginian at Westlake has to offer. There is something for everyone, all ages, to enjoy here.

Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings don’t have to be hosted in a stuffy hotel conference center environment. Many new companies and innovative businesses have begun hosting corporate meetings in secluded, wilderness locations such as our venue. We are outfitted with several great spots that you could set up meeting tables, and other technologies, as needed. As most know, portable large screens, including projections are easily set up to transform our venue into a great spot to host a corporate meeting.

Company Team Building Events

Much like corporate meetings, many companies get together to host company team building events or picnics for their employees to gather, and our venue at Smith Mountain Lake would be perfect for one of these. While we are not outfitted with a ropes course to send your colleagues through, we are a wonderful, secluded spot in a beautiful region of the Blue Ridge Mountains, that is highly accessible to the surrounding region. Plan your company event here and we will ensure that your team and staff enjoys themselves.